Eleuthera hosts many unique surf breaks. These are just a few breaks close to the cottage, but don't be afraid to venture out on your own to find that secret spot. While surfing in Eleuthera, you will find light crowds everywhere.

Surfers Beach

Surfers Beach is the most popular break and only a 10 minute walk from cottage. This break is a dominantly left wave with shallow reef to the right. It is not uncommon to catch a 100 yard ride all the way to the beach. A west wind is best on this break when the swell hits the island.

J.C. Point

Drive about 20 minutes south to surf James point. A strong north swell and a south wind makes this a great spot. This is also a reef break with a variety of rights and lefts.

Holiday Beach

Head north about 5 miles just on the other side of Gregory town go up hill towards the water tower. A similar break to Surfers Beach facing east making the west winds off shore, this break also has a right and left break.

Hatchet Bay

Another short drive from cottage going south about 4 miles take a left turn right after passing hatchet bay on your right, head straight out past the electric company. This is a reef break with a small area to get out, but also a clean break with west winds and strong swell.

Snorkeling and Diving info:

Most all of Eleuthera's beaches are great for snorkeling and diving. Depending on wind direction, you can usually get calm water and high visibility on the Caribbean side of the Island.

Rainbow Bay

Rainbow beach is a great snorkeling beach, especially for families. It has nice shallow bay that leads out to a point. You can venture out to the point were the depth drops to about 15 feet to see fan coral, grouper and other tropical species.

Current Cut

For the more advanced diver, head north about 20 miles to Current Cut. There are boats that lead dive tours out of Harbor Island. Drift with the tide change and see anything from large rays to hammer heads and everything in between.


There are fish to catch off every beach, lobster diving as well. If you really want to get serious, hire Tom Genoba (242)335-5644 to take you out on a small charter he can introduce to you some great fishing and lobster spots to guarantee you will bring dinner home.